2020’s Top 10 Anime Streaming Sites: The Definitive List

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Japanimation, more well-known today as anime, is one of the most popular styles of cartoon animation in the world today. With origins going back to the early 20th century, anime rose in popularity in the 1980s.

Today anime is extremely popularity not only in Japan, but all across the entire world. Because of this, there are a wide variety of anime streaming sites that are available for anime fans in the US and the entire world.

This article gives you the definitive list of the best anime streaming sites on the web today. Some of them are more well-known than others, and some are best for those who want to watch certain shows. You may have already heard of some of them, like Hulu. Others, like Animefreak, will likely be new to you.

But every one of these sites is high-quality, and depending on what you’re looking for in an anime streaming site, the sites are all amazing and give you a huge amount of anime for your money (and many are free!)

Below we list the top 10 anime streaming sites available on the internet today. Please take a look at our recommendations – we list the main perks of each sites, which will help you determine which site(s) you want to check out, depending on what you’re looking to get out of the anime streaming site you choose:


This is one of the absolute best anime streaming sites on the internet today, and it’s likely you’ve heard of it already if you’re a big anime fan. It features a high-quality and attractive interface, as well as the ability to watch anime shows in HD with zero interruption from ads. You’re able to search for shows by a myriad of criteria including genre, type, and rating from the other viewers. In addition to all that, 9anime is one of the only anime streaming sites that allows you to download the show as well. This is a great option, as it keeps you from having to deal with third-party sites and applications.


This is an anime streaming site which is specifically targeted at English-speaking countries. This website gives you the latest releases of anime series. They also produce English version of some of the most popular anime films on the market.

Funimation has a library of current and older anime series which can be watched free of charge on the site with ads, and for a subscription fee you can watch this library without having to deal with the ads.

Where Funimation really shines is its anime dubs. Only a few of the anime streaming sites out there today offer the sheer number of dubs that Funimation offers; the dubs are all high-quality as well, and make its entire library very watchable for its English-speaking audience. Because of all these benefits, Funimation comes highly recommended on this list.


Kissanime is one of the most visually attractive anime streaming sites online today. It also features a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, which is optimized to work well on mobile devices as well.

When you load this anime streaming site, the first thing you’ll see is the awesome animations featured in its thumbnail clip, and it automatically puts the latest anime title on your personal homepage. Users are able to customize the site to their liking as well, including selecting their personal favorite anime.

When you go to Kissanime’s list, you’ll see all of the titles listed by their category. When you click on the name on the menu, it takes you to the video area of the site. Unfortunately, you can’t alter the resolution of the video within the playback viewer, and you’ll also have ads come up sometimes, but overall Kissanime is a fantastic anime streaming site and you can’t go wrong with it!


Simply put, GogoAnime is one of the best free anime streaming sites today. With GogoAnime, you get access to all Japanese anime released today, complete with optional subtitles.

Solely dedicated to Japanese anime, GogoAnime’s collection is huge and the video player gives you the latest plot synopsis when you load up your favorite show’s latest episode.

The video quality is excellent, and you even get the option to download an app for your phone. This allows you to enjoy your favorite Japanese anime shows, even on the go!

When it comes to anime streaming sites that are dedicated to Japanese anime, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better site than GogoAnime.


One of this anime streaming site’s biggest selling points is the exclusive material that you can’t get on any other site of its kind. It features all the usual perks like regular and dubbed versions of anime shows and all the latest releases of your favorite shows and movies, you can also read the most recent chapters of your favorite anime comics. The search function lets you search through the website with ease

Animefreak also has a very visually appealing site design, and recently they released an Android app that allows you to watch all your favorite on the go! You can’t go wrong with Animefreak, and we highly recommend it as one of the top anime streaming sites in multiple categories.


Everyone should know Hulu nowadays, as its one of the very best online streaming sites overall. In terms of its quality as an anime streaming site, you’ll be pleased to know it’s among the very best.

Hulu has a large database of anime television shows, movies, and even its own original Hulu-only productions you can watch exclusively on their site.

The video quality to top-notch, and you’ll have no issue accessing the site whether you’re in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, or Asia. Other countries and territories may need to use a VPN to access the site, but we can assure you – it will be worth it!

Downloading options remain limited for Hulu, but there are enough perks that make a subscription to Hulu for anime more than worth it.

Hulu offers you a 30-day free trial as well, which lets you try before you buy. We’re confident that once you try Hulu out for free, you’ll agree that it remains one of the top anime streaming sites available!


This is another one of the most visually appealing anime streaming sites around today. Animeheaven features an incredible vast catalog which ranges from every single genre you can think of, and features a search option that lets you search by genre, date of release, number of episodes, and many other factors. The lists are quite easy to filter through as well.

In addition to these perks, Animeheaven gives users the ability to talk to one another via their online forums, and the site also lets you download any and every episode you want to watch. Because of these factors, Animeheaven consistently remains a popular anime streaming site with all its users.


This site is one of the best of Japan’s free anime streaming sites. It opened its office in 2009 and, to this day, services a worldwide audience for free. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an anime streaming site that has a bigger selection than the one you’ll find at chia-anime.tv.

One of this site’s biggest perks is its top-notch video quality. It offers its international fans full subtitles that allow you to fully understand the shows. Chia-anime.tv also has faster load times than most anime streaming sites, and the videos play seamlessly with no buffering and – best of all – no ads!


This anime streaming site is one of the most popular on the web today. You’ll need to buy a membership to get ad-free access to its content, but it’s worth it if you want regular updates. With Crunchyroll, you’re guaranteed to get access to the latest anime show episodes released today.

Its current library features nearly 1000 different series, one of the biggest collections on the internet. The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about it disappearing from the net, as the site is completely legal.

You’ll also be able to browse a variety of manga releases and read the latest news in the anime world on Crunchyroll’s blog. It features forum as well, where you can mingle with fellow anime fans.

As the overall anime streaming site package, Crunchyroll is hard to beat!  


This anime streaming site features a wide range of genres from action titles to comedy and drama titles. It has a user-friendly interface which makes for easy website navigation as well, and features dubbed versions that can be enjoyed by those who don’t speak or understand the Japanese language.

In terms of video quality, playback speed, and overall usability, AnimeDao remains one of the highest rated anime streaming sites available. The video quality is able to be adjusted seamlessly, and it streams well regardless of your connection speed. The only real downside of this site is that you can’t download individual episodes. That being said, Animedao is still excellent and we recommend it highly.

Which Anime Streaming Site is Right for Me?

The anime streaming site(s) you’ll choose will depend upon a wide variety of factors, including whether you want more dubbed shows, more subtitles options, exclusive content (such as the content that only Hulu offers), and more.

Many anime fans subscribe to multiple sites, as they want to get the perks from different anime streaming sites. A large number of the sites are free as well, so you’ll likely want to try out each of these and see what benefits you’ll get from them.

Our Final Thoughts

All of these anime streaming sites are top-quality, and no matter which one(s) you choose to use, you can’t go wrong with any of them! All of them offer you a lot of value in terms of anime shows and content, and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied no matter which ones you choose to subscribe to.

We hope this article helped you figure out which anime streaming sites are right for you! Please check out the rest of our site for related content, and feel free to reach out to us with any other questions or any recommendations!

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