Paypal Donations

First of all, I thank all the users for their preference. In a few months the redeneobux has grown, but it was also necessary to work hard to provide the best possible service to all users, or almost all. 🙂

Unfortunately I can not please everybody and I'm not always available to update or add new contents, but when time comes, it is the first thing I do.

All of this was done by only 1 person (myself) and sometimes it gets complicated, mainly on translation of 4 languages. I know that the translation isn't perfect, but you can understand minimally.

One of the reasons for creating this text is mainly to ask nicely a small monetary contribution to users who are willing to help keep the site for future costs and by daily work developed.

About the donation amount, It is up to the user to decide which fair value to donate. It doesn't matter the amount of the donation, but the intention. Any kind of help is needed to maintain the proper functioning of the site during many long years. I would remind you that no one is required to do so.

If you are willing to help with a donation by Paypal, please click the donate button below.


If you found this message offensive and inappropriate, I apologize, it was not my intention.

Thanks in advance for your attention and understanding.