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A subject that has been discussed in recent times, is which is the best free VPN service today. Unfortunately not everyone can afford the “luxury” to subscribe a VPN paid service, and, alternatively, they opt to choose a free service.

Personally, I don't recommend it, because in addition to being free, which is really great for some users, this type of service presents a number of disadvantages and does not guarantee the same security as a paid service.

As you can imagine, a company that sells packages can ensure better customer service, because it gets profits from the product sales and thus may pay their expenses and innovate the service provided to the customer. Money makes money!

In the case of a company that give a free service, it can never offer to the customer, quality, safety and confidence, because it doesn't get any profit from sales. Every businesses need money to support the monthly expenses of servers, hosting, maintenance, staff and other.

What usually happens with these free VPN companies is that instead of charging a monthly or annual value of a package, they choose to add advertisements in the software that they themselves provide, and this helps them to get some profits, which in my opinion isn't enough to pay all the expenses.

So dear user, don't believe in miracles, because at the time in which we live it doesn't exist. At least in the case of the free VPN!

Alternatively, you can subscribe a Trial Package. Some VPN companies offer packages with trial periods, ranging from 7 days up to 30 days and, if satisfied, you can always choose to make a monthly or annual purchase of a VPN service.

When the user doesn't have financial means to get a paid VPN, he can easily browse through the search engines for the best free VPN services. But remember that this type of service will give you a limited bandwidth. And in most cases the connection may be slow and insecure.

If you don't have yet or don't know the meaning of VPN, I suggest reading these two articles, VPN for Kodi and What is VPN.

List of some of the best paid VPN providers:

  • BTGuard (monthly / yearly subscription)
  • ExpressVPN (monthly / yearly subscription)
  • HMA (monthly / yearly subscription)
  • HideIPVPN (monthly / yearly subscription)
  • ibVPN (monthly / yearly subscription)
  • IPVanish (monthly / yearly subscription)
  • PureVPN (monthly / yearly subscription)
  • SaferVPN (monthly / yearly subscription)
  • TorGuard (monthly / yearly subscription)


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