Wednesday, 18 January, 2017

IPTV M3U Playlists for Kodi - By Country

We do not host none of these playlists. All M3U and XML channels list available can be easily found on the internet. All links contained are located elsewhere on the web. This is the result of many hours of searching. We only share!

All these playlists are set up for Kodi


Requires installation of Playlist Loader and f4mTester. Do not use with IPTV Simple client.

XML channel list (Mixed)

1 KB

XML channel list (Mixed) ...

1 KB

Congo (Kinshasa / Brazzaville)

0.05 KB

Congo (Kinshasa / Brazzaville) ...
Greece IPTV

4.14 KB

Greece IPTV ...
Latin America IPTV

1 KB

Latin America IPTV ...

1 KB

German IPTV (DE)

1 KB

German IPTV (DE) ...
Canada IPTV

2 KB

Canada IPTV ...
Spain IPTV

1 KB

Spain IPTV ...
Italy IPTV

1 KB

Italy IPTV ...
Turkey IPTV

1 KB

Turkey IPTV ...
Romania (RO)

2.54 KB

Romania (RO) ...
Brazil IPTV

1 KB

Brazil IPTV ...
China IPTV

1 KB

China IPTV ...
France IPTV (FR)

1 KB

France IPTV (FR) ...
Pakistan / India

2.68 KB

Pakistan / India ...
Portugal IPTV

1 KB

Portugal IPTV ...
Russia IPTV

1 KB

Russia IPTV ...


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    • Hi De Macedo,

      The list is updated only when I find something on the internet, which is not easy.

      We do not host and have no partnership with any of these IPTV lists. All that we share is available for free on the Internet.

      Best regards.

  1. Hello.

    I can not get with the iPad at least, to come on the link, I'll zugemüiit only with advertising. Is that the PC may be better?



    • Hello Andre,

      If you refer to the adfly, wait a few seconds and then click the upper right corner. If you are not using an iPad, can get in this case, try using a desktop or laptop.

  2. how do you t to put the list on a download android tv box that has already kodi already installed but I have no chain since I've had a break (thunderstorm ) I lost all my channel
    Thank you for your help

  3. Hello,
    I have installed on my apple tv4 Kodi and playlist loader. how do I get the m3u file now on my apple tv4 recorded, so that I can invite them?

      • First, thanks for the quick response!
        times have now the file tries einzuspielen, unfortunately I do not find them.
        1. playlist loader geofnet
        2. add new list is opened and then input the name of the list
        3.bei select playlist source / elected local-file
        4. choose list opens and I can only folder / Select home-folder

        now I do not come next.
        how do I get here the m3u file recorded? what program should I use with the mac and the folder where the file must be copied??

        many thanks for the help!!

  4. So I’m new to Kodi IPTV stuff
    I’ve installed IPTV simple client 2 as IPTV simple client wouldnt work properly, Ive saved your m3u file, uploaded it to my webspace and everything has gone OK, it says it has loaded 98 channels but when I go to play them, none of them open

    Any idea what is wrong?

    Win 7×64
    Kodi 16.1

    • Hi John,

      We are sorry, but the download plugin is not synchronized with M3U files. But don’t worry about that, because almost M3U files are updated every day. infortunately, there are some outdated files, but this is a matter of time until show up new links. Thanks.

    • Hello Gonzalo,

      I am sorry, but we have no url. As it stated above, only share what we find on the internet and the only solution is to download the file.

      Best regards.

  5. Hello , very good work.. A question when I click a channel always comes ” No reproduction possible. At least one file could not be played” but in the background of the channel running when I click on Ok .. he ends the stream

    Ask for help
    Mfg keanix