VPN for Kodi – What is VPN?

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A VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is a type of technology that allows the user to connect a public network to a secure or private network. Let's suppose you are at home and you try to access a website that is geo-blocked, or your IP address is banned from a website, with a VPN, things will be easier.

If you purchase a VPN service, you only need to connect to a wide range of IPs from various countries and to establish the connection with a new identity.

Through these secure connection you will be protected by a firewall, you will have your data traffic fully encrypted too, and will be immune to any cyber attack. The VPN service is perfect to both individual users with a public network and large companies wishing to secure all of their data.

There are many countries that block access to web addresses that provide content related to movies, series, music, video games, among others. This problem occurs mostly in countries like UK, US, some countries in Asia and in the Middle East, where you try to view a content and cannot due of its internal policies. And the best way to overcome this barrier is getting a VPN.

For Kodi users that also suffer from this problem, this tool is an asset because it will allow you to have access to all of the add-ons contents.

I'm also a big fan of Kodi and I admit I've had some issues with content blocks. At first I thought it was something temporary, but after getting some credible information, I was sure it was a geo blocking.

It was then that I decided to purchase a VPN service for one month, only to test it, and when I connected to an IP provider outside my country, everything started to work perfectly.

In terms of access, most VPN companies offer a software or an Android app that allows the user to connect to an IP provider without the slightest effort. 1, 2, 3 clicks and the connection is established!

For many people a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is still unknown, probably because there is little information on the internet, and of course, because this type of technology has only a few years of existence.

Also keep in mind that the speed achieved by each one of the IP providers, varies with the distance from the user's IP and private IP location. Let's suppose you live in the UK and want to connect to an IP in China, in this case due to the great distance between them, it is highly likely that your speed would be lower than the user who made a connection to an IP of France or Germany.

This is called “Packet InterNet Grouper“, better known as Ping. Put simply, the Ping function is to measure the response time. The higher the milliseconds or “ms“, the weaker and unstable the internet connection is.

Values between (30 ms) and (100 ms) are perfect for a stable connection. If your connection display values ​​above 200ms is more likely that your internet is slow and unstable.

* If you are interested in any VPN service, I recommend consulting the terms and conditions of that service for a better understanding.


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