Best Kodi Addons – February 2017

Best Addons - February 2017


To facilitate the task of all our visitors, we decided to create an article with the best addons for February 2017. You will be able to install on your Kodi a great variety of addons of the most diverse sorts. I hope you enjoy our list.

Best Kodi Addons – February 2017



  • Exodus – Without doubt the best addon of all time to watch movies and series.
  • Specto – Genesis clone that also gives also you many movies and series in English.
  • 4Horsemen – This addon gives you 3D movies, 4K movies, animated movies, HD movies, movies by category and series.
  • xStream – Great addon for the German public with hundreds of movies in SD and HD.
  • Icdrama – Watch a great selection of Asian movies. You will have access to content from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.
  • Hotstar – Watch a great selection of movies and series from India.
  • Catoal – Gives you a lot of movies and series dubbed in Spanish.
  • vStream – With this addon you can watch movies dubbed in French.


  • SportsDevil – The SportsDevil addon will give you the opportunity to watch your favorite sport through a wide selection of streaming sites.
  • ArenaVision EZY – Through AvEZY addon you will watch various sports live via Acestream.
  • LazyMan – LazyMan addon gives you the opportunity to watch all the NHL live games via Kodi. This addon is associated with a reddit account and contains the schedule of the upcoming games.
  • P2P Sport – P2P Sport gives you many sports streaming sites and Russian TV channels.
  • TV Box – Quite similar with SportsDevil addon.
  • Pro Sport – Watch live all NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA matches.
  • NJM Soccer – This add-on offers many categories with live sports channels and live sports streams.


  • Cartoons8 – Great addon to watch cartoons.
  • 9Anime – Anime content.
  • AnimeRam Another great addon with many anime content.
  • CartoonsOn – The CartoonsOn addon gives you the best cartoons, including some classics.
  • Excalibur Toons – Excalibur Toons addon contains a single category with thousands of animated content for all ages.
  • Funnier Moments – With Funnier Moments addon you'll have access to a wide variety of classic cartoons in English.
  • Watch Cartoon Online – This addon has categories of dubbed movies, cartoons, animation series, anime with English subtitles and OVA series.

IPTV channels

  • IPTV List RNEO – It's not an addon, but a great selection of Playlists for several countries. Exclusive list RNEO.
  • Specialist Super Streams – Powerful addon with a great selection of content, especially live TV channels. You will have access to a category with live TV channels from various European countries.
  • Live TV Serbia – With this addon you will have access to a large selection of live TV channels from Serbia.
  • MediaPlay TV – Watch a wide variety of Brazilian TV channels, many content 24/7 and some Brazilian radio stations.
  • Ultra IPTV – The Ultra IPTV addon gives you live TV channels from Canada, United States, UK and India.
  • Ultimate IPTV – The Ultimate IPTV addon contains dozens of playlists from various countries.
  • Reaper – The Reaper addon gives you live TV channels from the U.S., live TV channels from the UK, live sports channels, adult channels, music channels, news channels, popular channels, among others.
  • AdryanList – Through AdryanList you will have access to a lot of Latin American channels, Spain, including other European countries.
  • Zem – With the Zem addon you will have access to a large selection of content, such as IPTV channels from Pakistan, India and Punjabi.
  • Pancas TVWith the Pancas addon you'll have access to a lot of playlists with Portuguese and Brazilian channels, including public channels, live sports channels and IPTV channels from several countries.
  • Kodi Live TV – As the name says, the Kodi Live TV addon is entirely dedicated to the IPTV world and will allow you to watch a huge selection of IPTV Public channels from various European countries.
  • Catoal – This addon contains some live TV channels from Spain.
  • UK Turk Playlists – An old known addon with many IPTV channels.
  • RTP Play – This addon contains all RTP TV channels and some very interesting extras.


  • Vortex – Great addon with a wide variety of documentary videos related to various modalities, human skills, among others.
  • Drone Racing League – Watch the craziest FPV racing drones (First Person View).
  • Abracadabra – The Abracadabra addon will give you true moments of pure magic. You can watch a wide variety of content with some of today's best magicians.
  • UFC Finest – Powerful addon for UFC fans, with a great selection of content.
  • WWE Online – Through WWE Online you will have opportunity to watch or review the latest WWE events.
  • WWE on Demand – Another great addon with dozens of VoD content from SmackDown and RAW.
  • Animal TV – This addon includes several categories with live streams of animals.
  • LiveLeak – Through this addon you will have access to craziest and controversial videos, which are shared by users.
  • 9GAG TV – For those who doesn't know, 9GAG.TV is a website with 100% humorous content and very well-known worldwide. Here you will be able to watch all kinds of videos, from the funniest to the most silly.
  • – Are you the kind of person who believes in UFOs or something related to the hidden conspiracies? Then take a look at this addon.



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